Top 10 accusations of the new Interior Minister against Premier Rama and the Socialist government

Dritan Demiraj, the newly appointed technical Interior Minister, was fired three years ago after 31 years of contribution in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania, after a conflict with Minister of Defense Mimi Kodheli.

Demiraj and Kodheli will sit together now in the caretaker cabinet, after years of mutual harsh accusations in public. Kodheli was not the only target of Demiraj, who also attacked Premier Edi Rama, which he will have his chief from today.

This is a list of most famous Demiraj’s accusations against Premier Rama and Minister Kodheli:

1. (It’s a) misfortune that the Albanian government has been confirmed by the whole world as a narco-government.

2. Albania has transformed into the biggest trash can in Europe, according to the French newspapers. It’s only normal, when you are governed by trash you’ll become a trash country.

3. He’s my friend (a Socialist MP), as many other Socialist deputies, but they have never spoken in the parliament. They only raise the cards to vote with the order of His Addicted Tallness.

4. I never doubted and I underlined it tens of times that this character (Defense Minister Mimi Kodheli) will enter into history for her bad deeds and innumerous scandals. No doubt she will receive the right punishment from her people and the law for her arrogance-ignorance in leading the Ministry of Defense.

5.  Mrike (Mimi Kodheli) you haven’t seen anything yet. You’ll take back everything you’ve done. Colonel DD.

6. Could justice be done by those who cultivate, sell and traffic drug in the whole Europe, my friend? Those who have earned $30 million each?

7. As for the criminals, you have a whole lot in the government.

8. Drugs, theft and buying elections, motels and casinos of the ministers and the spectacular failures of the government.

9. I have been and always will be against this irresponsible one (Premier Rama) that doesn’t know what he says and do and against all those who think and act like he does.

10. No, he’s not my idol and he has made unforgivable mistakes, but this one is a criminal and has many sins.